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The last comments on this page:
Comment posted by Rashid, 02/17/2014 at 9:59am (UTC):
How are you nice web page

Comment posted by Pharmc209, 11/08/2013 at 6:27pm (UTC):
Very nice site!

Comment posted by Pharmb367, 11/08/2013 at 6:26pm (UTC):
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Comment posted by asad, 08/02/2013 at 9:33am (UTC):
plz write me at emailcontact111@yahoo.com


Comment posted by sheheryar, 04/11/2013 at 8:38pm (UTC):
well saw your website well it's good.tell me in graphic designin what u else know about.can you able to work in after effect and do you have any idea regarding compositing.if you are not working currently so email me your cv sheheryar.syed@yahoo.com.

Comment posted by Yasir, 12/13/2012 at 1:24pm (UTC):

Comment posted by Rahul, 12/01/2012 at 1:28pm (UTC):
Hi one Cutie

Comment posted by DeSouza Wilberious Evanglist, 08/20/2012 at 5:02pm (UTC):
I visited this website after viewing profile of Zahra Atiq on http://www.wayn.com. I could not view this site elaborately. It appears to be a promotional site for Islam & everything connected with it. Presentation is excellent for whatever I have seen.Despite being an atheist, I respect other beliefs too as it is HUMAN RIGHT FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL. Today being Id ul fitr, I wish all who are connected with this website & everyone who follows Islam ID MUBARAK HO!


Comment posted by Kami, 01/17/2012 at 5:12am (UTC):
Gud Work.

Comment posted by Ali Niazi, 10/08/2011 at 9:38am (UTC):
Hi Zehra Hope So You Recognise Meeeee

Comment posted by shamsheer pattan, 05/27/2011 at 7:38pm (UTC):
nice website dear...i like it very much...Allah Hafiz..

Comment posted by Rahul, 03/14/2011 at 8:32am (UTC):
O'sum yaar...

Comment posted by mohammad abd el aziz, 03/10/2011 at 6:21am (UTC):
creative as usual...:)

Comment posted by sunny, 02/26/2011 at 11:41am (UTC):
Hi buddy
Intro-page really very nice
keep it up..

Comment posted by salman, 02/10/2011 at 10:17pm (UTC):
very nice

Comment posted by ifti, 01/15/2011 at 5:58pm (UTC):

Comment posted by Kashif, 01/13/2011 at 3:44am (UTC):
Your website shows you have great talent in software designing. But in my opinion you do not share very much information and snaps to everyone and try to use your abilities for greater task not only for people wh wh.
May Allah give you success in every walk of life.

Comment posted by Baber , 10/30/2010 at 6:44pm (UTC):
Yar i confused!!!! Site acchi hai:) laikin limited information hain aur woh update nain hoteen visitor k liaay aur bhi bohat kuch hona chahiaay .... add more informative material .... tc

Comment posted by salman mazhar , 07/26/2010 at 11:25am (UTC):
good job

Comment posted by Danish Aaj tv IT , 06/10/2010 at 3:53am (UTC):
Nice site.

Comment posted by Rashi d Qamar, 04/19/2010 at 8:13pm (UTC):
very nice i proud of you ...... take care

Comment posted by M.AtIf Aslam , 02/06/2010 at 9:05am (UTC):
zahra ak dam ok site hain app ki thora sa aur kam kar doo site par aur ok ho jia gi. ALL the best

Comment posted by KIFAYAT, 01/11/2010 at 3:12pm (UTC):
nice work.

Comment posted by kamran saeed, 01/01/2010 at 6:39pm (UTC):
hi i m sculptore

Comment posted by Jeevan, 12/01/2009 at 9:56am (UTC):
Hello Zahra,

Really this site is Fantastic.....

Comment posted by waseem shahzad, 11/24/2009 at 7:34pm (UTC):
hello zahra how r u ....i am very happy to visit your web.....God bless uuuuuu.... take care ..ta ta

Comment posted by imran ch, 11/17/2009 at 6:02am (UTC):
hi zahra i m imran frome qatar i see ur pic you r soo cute zahra u add me plz i want friendship with u soo_sweet_manni@yahoo.com

Comment posted by sadaf adeem, 10/06/2009 at 8:40am (UTC):
madam... nice to c ur website... its cool.. and very creative. one thing yee jo sunflowers hain in ki speed thori slow honi chahyee... otherwise its lovely...

Comment posted by N., 08/09/2009 at 4:19pm (UTC):
Z. u r os lukcy

Comment posted by Sk- Faisal, 07/09/2009 at 8:48am (UTC):
Really nice website U can add java applications also...Like Games etc. That would make your webpage more intresting

Sk - Faisal

Comment posted by Mubashar, 06/21/2009 at 4:59am (UTC):
good to see it. excellent work and creative mind innovation. u r the motivator for the young generation for the betterment of this country

Comment posted by:05/29/2009 at 9:21am (UTC)

1 of her gr8 assets is her attractive looks. let me not talk much about her looks as its quite clear 4m her pics.
when u meet her 4 the 1st time...u'll get soo bugged up with her nonsense talk that...u'll never want 2 meet her again.
But if u dare 2 meet her 4 the 2nd time...trust me guys...u'll also end up talking all nonsense and will whole heartedly start njoying her company. This sweet lil gal makes her presence felt whrevr she goes. Always ready 2 help...anybdy..anytime.similarly,ready 2 comment on anybdy....anytime. I had my best moments in life with her. Anyway....me feels quite lucky 2 have her here. Apart 4m her super-loving, ultra-caring and xtraordinarily-kool nature....shez a perfect blend of beauty wid brains...and yah.......u shud seriously try in bollywood or tollywood yar...singer naa sahi..heroine ka role to mil hi jayega hamari sweetheart ko

Comment posted by EmraN, 04/17/2009 at 2:39pm (UTC):
soooooooo.........coool.can u give me new website

Comment posted by Aliyah, 03/07/2009 at 8:43pm (UTC):
Keep dis good work up zara....my best wishes r alwaz wid u....really praiseworthy site

Comment posted by:02/25/2009 at 11:13am (UTC)

hi zahra
your web site is very nice

Comment posted by moin khan, 02/22/2009 at 10:39pm (UTC):
nice web zara

Comment posted by Humza, 02/15/2009 at 6:59am (UTC):
nice veb page

Comment posted by:01/17/2009 at 7:23am (UTC)

awesome website...
wats the secret of getting such a huge traffic?
plz temme...

Comment posted by Waqar, 12/19/2008 at 6:42pm (UTC):
Buchpan may to bilkul nahi lagta tha k tum itni creative bandi niklogi, Gud work yaar, Asuaul you are a hardworking girl,
Gudluck for yours future,
Yours Schools friend Waqar.

Comment posted by:12/13/2008 at 11:39am (UTC)
(locked user)

Comment posted by Zain, 12/04/2008 at 1:43pm (UTC):
nice work mager itna bi acha nai hia chaley ga bas or time cheya or kaam acha hoo tab achi comments meley gey bye:p

Comment posted by Muntasir, 11/03/2008 at 1:44pm (UTC):
Your site is enough good if u r a new web developer...it is full of design...bt u need to creat good content.
visit http://www.projukti.co.cc to get some content....
Nice to meet u fair lady..

Comment posted by ijaz muhammad, 10/27/2008 at 6:08am (UTC):
amazing,mindblowing web site u have create great job u ahve done ALLAH GIVE U FULL SUCCSESS IN UR FUTURE

Comment posted by Maria, 10/27/2008 at 4:46am (UTC):
hey this butterfly and flowers are really cool. I am amazed you are so creative zara. I still doubt whether you are the one behind this website or is it somebody else ))))) good luck

Comment posted by hina, 10/26/2008 at 2:24pm (UTC):
salam zehra, its me hina..
ur web is really very nice.

Comment posted by Maria, 10/25/2008 at 5:19am (UTC):
Nice work buddy. Keep it up and keep smiling like infact laughing ))

Comment posted by:10/24/2008 at 10:16am (UTC)

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Comment posted by Mir, 10/23/2008 at 7:05am (UTC):
nice page...

Comment posted by Anwar Hussian, 10/16/2008 at 9:46am (UTC):
Hay Zahra Nice web Page,and eally Nice colours you select for web page .99 name of allah you put here good Work done.i will also send you Pics of Makka Inside and also Pics Of Madina inside i have it with me Okei you can add these Pic to your Web Page

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