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May 21- June 21

Lucky Day:


Lucky Number:

5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

Lucky Color:

Orange, Lemon, Yellow

Lucky Stone(s):

Topaz, Emerald, Agate

Lucky Talisman:

Quick Silver

Positive Qualities:

Mental Brilliance, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Witty and Versatile.

Negative Qualities:

Prevaricate, Indecisive, Lazy and Untidy.


Mental Brilliance, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Witty, Versatile, Prevaricate, Indecisive, Lazy and Untidy.

Famous Personalities:

Bob Hope, John Wayne, Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Paul McCartney, George Fernandes

Gemini Kiss: 

Your kisses are interrupted by spasms of giggles, smiles and funny observations.


Gemini Career & Profession:

 Gemini is the Sign of the Inventor. Geminians can pursue the following professions - Public Relations Officer, Journalist, Artist, Writer, Psychiatry, Psychology, Sales and Scientist


Gemini Romance & Marriage:
Gemini makes a terrific first impression. You are at your best with light flirtations. And can literally sweep a person off his or her feet. Marriage is different from romance is something that you must learn since you may lose interest in marriage as well. You are well known for the multiplicity of attachments and marriages and affairs.

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