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Sep 24 - Oct 23

Lucky Day:


Lucky Number:

6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Lucky Color:

Blue, Green

Lucky Stone(s):

Sapphire and Turquoise

Lucky Talisman:


Positive Qualities:

Diplomatic, Alert, Charming, Balanced and Just

Negative Qualities:

Easy-going, indecisive, changeful, insincere, detached, artful and selfish.


Diplomatic, Alert, Charming, Balanced, Just, Easy-going, indecisive, changeful, insincere, detached, artful and selfish.

Famous Personalities:

Gandhiji, Jaiprakash Narayan, R.K.Narayan, Ashok Kumar and Hema Malini.

Libra Kiss: 

You're too busy worrying about your breath to really get into your kisses.


Libra Career & Profession:
Libra is the sign of the Ambassador. Libras make excellent lawyers, ambassadors, diplomats, designers, architects, politicians, public relations officers, salesman and journalist. They also make excellent host or hostess and thus win contacts as well as contracts. The Libra girls may be well off on the stage and film making.


Libra Romance & Marriage: 

Libra is a great lover and is artful and charming. Libra Man causes a number of heart throbs and heart breaks. Charming people are not very stable. They are never meant to be unmarried. At the same time they cannot be bound to marriage. They need the company of others which would make the partner jealous in love. Libra would then have a lot of arguments with their mate.


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